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Who doesn’t like visiting the casinos in Las Vegas? Gambling is one of the exciting games and bitcoin makes it more exciting, Online Casinos are designed to offer the experience of gambling right on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Bitcoin Casinos are online casinos where one can use bitcoin instead of cash to place bets.

Bitcoin perfectly suits the requirements of online gambling platforms and players. Being a digital currency, it can be used by anyone across the world to place bets on any online Bitcoin Casinos or gambling platform without having to worry about the geographical and regional restrictions. Bitcoin also offers a fast and secure alternative to conventional payment options.

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Casinos are online gambling platforms that operate exclusively on bitcoin and other digital currencies. These platforms offer a wide variety of games including the traditional ones like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, craps, slots etc. Most Bitcoin Casinos also include more interactive versions of these traditional games for the experimental crowd.

There are various advantages of using bitcoin based gambling platforms and casinos over those that insist on conventional payment methods.

  1. Players have the freedom to choose any bitcoin casino or gambling platform across the world instead of sticking to only those that serve their geography.
  2. Gambling (online or offline) is banned in many countries. People living in those countries may not have access to online gambling sites. Even if they choose to use a VPN service, they may not be able to make payment on those platforms with their bank cards. However, in the case of bitcoin casinos they can transfer bitcoin to their wallet on the platform or connect their own bitcoin wallet and play.
  3. Bitcoin payments are more secure and each transaction requires authorization from the owner. So, the chances of funds getting automatically deducted from the connected bitcoin wallet is close to impossible. In case of conventional payment methods, the connected debit or credit card may be automatically charged by the casino platform. In case of such accidental deductions, one will have to go through a lot of hassle to get the money back (provided the casino is even legit).
  4. Many bitcoin casinos and gambling platforms do not collect any personal information or require the users to sign up on the platform. It gives a sense of anonymity to players.
  5. The deposit and withdrawal time on bitcoin gaming platforms ranges from a few minutes to a couple of hours. The same with conventional payment options which may take days or weeks.


Bitcoin casinos and gambling platforms offer a wide range of advantage over regular platforms. At the same time, it is advisable for players to take a few necessary precautions before choosing a casino.

It is good to do some research on the bitcoin casino of your choice before placing bets on the platform. In addition, take your time to verify the credentials of the casino and read user reviews available on the internet. There are casinos out there who don’t offer much information about their owners, registration, location and other information. It’s good if the information is readily available. The number of years of existence of a bitcoin gambling platform also adds to its credibility.
We will periodically review and list bitcoin casinos and gambling platforms.

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